zinc stearate for paint
Calcium Stearate
zinc stearate for plastic
Magnesium Stearate
Water-based Zinc Stearate
Calcium Stearate Dispersion
Zinc Laurate
Barium Stearate
Aluminum Stearate
Nontoxic Heat Stabilizer of Ca-Zn Compound
Antioxidant BC-168
PVC for Rigid Pipe MT-F630
PVC Internal Lubricant LG12
MT-F710 Series
MT-F720 Series
MT-F730 Series
MT-F750 Series
PVC New Processing Modifier
PVC New Comprehensive Lubricant
4 pentaerythritol ethylhexanoate
Molecular Sieve
3A Molecular Sieve
4A Molecular Sieve
13X Molecular Sieve
Cu-X Molecular Sieve
Activated Alumina
Inert Alumina Ball
Perforated Inert Alumina Ball
GY-2 high performance de-oxidizing catalyst
GY-1 slurry inhibitor of FCC
GY-2 high performance anti-foulant
Dipheny-Diethoxy Silane
GY Carbon Monoxide Combustion Helper
Tri-ethly Aluminium
Antioxidant HN-215
GY-1 Zinc Oxide Desulfurizing Catalyst
Pre -blending Particle Multi-functional Additive for Resin
GY-2 Sulfonated Cobalt Phthalocyanine
GY-001 High Performance Inhibitor
Nucleating Agent
TMA-3 Nucleating Agent for Polyolefins
TM-6 Nucleating Agent for Polyolefins
TMP-5 Serial Nucleating Agents
5A Molecular Sieve
TM-1 Nucleating Agent for Polyolefins
GW-628 Reactive Light Stabilizer
Aluminum and Titanium Composite Coupling Agent OL-AT1618
New Heat – resistant Antioxidant KY-394
High Molecular Weight Hindered Phenolic Antioxidant KY-1330
Liquid Hindered-phenolic Antioxidant KY-390
UV-419High Efficient UV Absorber
UV-418 New UV Absorber
Polyethylene Wax
PE Wax B-108A
PE Wax B-108B
PE Wax B-108C
Antioxidant Series
Antioxidant BC-1010
Antioxidant BC-1076
Complex antioxidant BC-B215
Complex antioxidant BC-B225
Antioxidant BC-3.5 methyl ester
Antioxidant BC-168
Oleic acid amide
PVC Internal & External Lubricant
PVC Internal Lubricant LGH4
PVC Internal Lubricant LG10
PVC Internal Lubricant LG15
PVC Internal Lubricant n-Butyl stearate
PVC Internal Lubricant LG60
PVC Internal Lubricant LG60L
PVC Internal Lubricant LGH4-L
PVC Internal Lubricant LG32
Stearic acid pentaerythritol monoester
PVC Internal Lubricant Glycerol tristearate
Glycerol monostearate (40%)
PVC Internal Lubricant LG16
PVC Internal Lubricant LG16S
PVC Internal Lubricant 4 pentaerythritol stearic acid
PVC external lubricant LG21
PVC External Lubricant LG74
PVC External Lubricant LG70S
PVC External Lubricant LG78
PVC External Lubricant LG70-L
PVC External Lubricant LG312
PVC External Lubricant LG329
PVC In-external Lubricant LG72
PVC In-external Lubricant LG36
PVC In-external Lubricant LG40
PBV cold resistance plasticizer 5G8
Triethylene Glycol Di-2-ethylhexoate(Triglycol dioctate)
Molecular Distilled Glycerol Monostearate
D-95 Molecular Distilled Glycerol Monostearate
Water-based Solid Acrylic Resin
Water-based Solid Acrylic Resin

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(Ethylene Bis Stearamide)


EBS(N,N’- Ethylene Bis Stearamide)is a kind of synthetical wax with high melting point. Bipolar functional groups maintain high balance; it is good for internal and external lubrication and opening effect.

EBS Works as hot hardness, internal and external parting agent of Thermoplastic and pigment dispersant, makes the project succeeding and promotes the quality of end product


1) The product enjoys internal and external lubricating effect as a lubricant, with good synergistic reaction if used together with other lubricants such as high alcohol, fatty acid esters, calcium stearate and paraffin. It could work as lubricating mold release agent in the processing of ABS,AS, rigid PVC, POM, PC, PU, PF.

2) During the processing of inorganic filling PVC, PP and PE, EBS could coordinate with main stabilizers, thus improves the heat and weather resistance of polymer materials. EBS is of better compatibility with pigment and fillings, which could improve the dispersibility and coupling of fillings in the polymer materials greatly

3) EBS is of many good functions, including processing additive, lubricating mold release agent, and it could improve the surface glossiness of the rubber tubes and plates, act as optical brighteners of rubber covering. EBS could improve compound’s processing, processing and sulfurating property during the fluorous rubber processing.

4)It could improve the average dispersibility of the pigment and fillings, improve the surface flow and level property of the dyring paints, prevent the enamel leather from flaking, and improve the water resistance and PH resistance, if adding EBS during the paints production. EBS would act as matting agent in the NC paints.