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Provincial-level Engineering Technology Center
  • BELIKE has two provincial-level engineering technology centers: the Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology R&D Center and the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. Equipped with a complete set of high-standard laboratories, testing instruments and equipment, and a professional research and development team, the company conducts research and promotes the development of more functional additives in the downstream market product chain, contributing to the rapid advancement of materials science.
Industry-Academia-Research Collaborative Development
  • BELIKE has consistently placed a strong emphasis on industry-academia-research collaboration since its establishment. Through extensive partnerships with institutions such as South China University of Technology, Central South University, Lanzhou University, Shenzhen University, and Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School, we actively engage in collaborative research and development projects, driving technological innovation. As of the end of 2023, we have secured 46 patents, including one national outstanding patent. This collaboration facilitates the translation of academic research outcomes into practical products and solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry
Product Application Evaluation Laboratory
  • BELIKE has a Product Application Evaluation Laboratory dedicated to assessing the practical application of the company's products. The laboratory is equipped with advanced experimental devices and technology, focusing on validating the performance and effectiveness of products in real-world scenarios. Through this laboratory, the company gains comprehensive insights into the applicability of its products in different fields. Based on the evaluation results, further optimization and improvements can be made. This process ensure that the company's products meet customer requirements and perform well in the market.
Certified to EU SGS Standards
  • Hazardous Substance Management: Our raw materials and finished products comply with 24 regulatory requirements, including RoHS, REACH, GB18581 GB9685,and so on,ensuring effective control of hazardous substances. To ensure compliance with international standards, we regularly conduct routine SGS testing to verify the environmental performance of our products. We continuously strive to improve our production processes, committed to providing safe and environmentally friendly products.